Darrell Leach


My name is Darrell Leach and I the owner/operator of Little Bugger Pest Control. My years of Southern Orange County pest control enables me to go to battle and eradicate all of your overwhelming pests and critters. That’s what a customer truly wants…. to put a veteran exterminator on the hunt for they’re unwanted “pets”.

It’s been my daily business for 33 years. My pest control education and licensing began in 1982. I have dispatched truckloads of rats and other pests over the years.

My exterminator life began with Mission Viejo Pest Control. The Saddleback Valley original pioneer company personally trained me. The company grew and was ultimately renamed Mission Pest Control. At that point it moved across the freeway to Laguna Hills, but we always gave personal attention to beautiful Mission Viejo.

I moved from an hourly paid termite and pest applicator/field rep to a “commission only” position…. (one of my toughest life decisions, but it turned out the best). Mission Pest Control, one of our industry’s leaders, taught me the trade and the best technical skills.

Bates Pest Control, another of our industry’s best, taught me sales and the value of “customer first” service, where I was rewarded with Top Sales out of 6 offices. Bates was sold to a larger company, so at that point and being a Pest Control veteran, I started Little Bugger Pest Control.

For over 30 years.I have never looked to be the biggest company, merely one of the best. I prefer to keep my business local in Mission Viejo, Laguna Niguel, San Juan Capistrano, Lake Forest and all the other beautiful Saddleback Valley. Just as it was all those years ago; I aim to provide the highest level of both customer service and technical expertise.

Let me know what i can do to help you,

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